• 252nd Anniversary Commencement

    Special Needs Parking Registration
    Only 1 Special Needs Parking Tag will be issued per graduating student.

    Enter your contact info (where parking hangtag will be sent)

    (Ex: 08854 or 088540001)
    (Ex: 7325551234)
    * Incorrect information will invalidate this registration.

    For our planning needs, please share if the special needs parking guest utilizes a wheelchair, scooter or walker/cane.

    If you or your guest(s) requires a wheelchair or other assistive device to travel any distance, you must bring it with you.

    Does any guest in this party require an ASL interpreter? (Closed Captioning will be provided.)


    Enter graduating student contact info

    (Ex: 7325551234)

    * For any questions or concerns, please email commencement@rutgers.edu or call the Commencement office at 848-932-2469.