Upload and Download Roster Help Guide

Download a Roster

  1. To Download a Roster - Select the 'Excel Spreadsheet(xls)' link
  2. Select the save option after selecting the download link as 'Excel format'
  3. Note: When saving the file, make sure the type is Excel
  4. Open the Excel file which you just downloaded and enter the grades and comments

Upload a Roster

  1. After finalizing the grade entry in the excel file, select 'File' option 'Save AS ' CSV (Comma Delimited)

  2. Save file CSV format

  3. Select the 'Upload Course' tab
  4. Enter the roster information (Semester, Unit, Subject, Course #, Section)
  5. Next indicate the file to be uploaded (CSV file type)
  6. Click 'Verify Course Upload'
  7. The Verify course upload information page is displayed
  8. After viewing the information click 'Upload Course' to submit the upload roster