Self-Reporting Absence Application

Help Documentation

For Students:

Who will receive my absence report?

The instructors and/or teaching assistants (TAs) of your currently registered courses will receive your absence report as long as they have correct privileges to receive the report.

Will reporting my absence automatically excuse me from classes, exams, etc.?

No! Reporting your absence through SSRA simply notifies your instructors of your planned absence, as a courtesy. We encourage you to contact your instructors directly for permission to miss class and to make arrangements regarding missed exams, assignments, etc. It is up to your instructor to allow you to make up missed work. You must speak to each instructor to get official permission for your absence and make arrangements to make up missed class work.

Why can't I log in?

Our system uses CAS for authentication. You must provide a valid NetId and password and you must be a STUDENT, SUMMER STUDENT, or WINTER STUDENT.

What is the earliest day and latest day I can choose?

The available "start date" is from two weeks before "today" to the end of current semester. The end of each semester is: Spring: 5/24; Summer: 8/31; Fall: 12/22; Winter: 1/15.

Why can't I choose more than one week?

The available "end date" is from "start date" to a week later.

Please note that missing more than one week of class may jeopardize your academic standing in a course. Be sure to review the absence policy on the syllabus for each course and immediately contact your professor if your absences (regardless of the reason) will exceed the policy's stated maximum.

If you anticipate missing more than one week of classes for serious illness, confidential, or sensitive personal reasons, you should also consult with a New Brunswick Dean of Students , Newark Dean of Students or Camden Dean of Students who will help to verify your extended absences from classes.

What if I can not find the proper option for the reason of absence?

Choose "Other", then specify an appropriate option in the text box provided.

Why do I see, "We were unable to send email to instructors of the following courses," on the confirmation page?

Not all instructors or TAs have contact information in our system. In this case, you should contact your instructors directly.

Should I report an absence if I don't have a course on that day?

Yes. You should report your absence in case some classes are, for some reason, rescheduled to that day. We will keep these absence reports for future use.

For Instructors:

Why am I getting absence report email?

A student in your class has reported his/her absence using our system (Student Self-Reporting Absence system) and you have been designated as a grader or reader through Rosters & Electronic Grading Information System (REGIS).

You can find the student's information, the title of the course, and the day he/she will be absent in the email.

Should I keep this email? Is there a place I can find all my students' absence reports?

Sure. Hold onto the email only if you prefer to manage your absence reports in your email client instead of REGIS. In case you delete an absence report email, all the absence reports are available through REGIS.

  1. Click on Student Absence Report System
  2. Log in using your NetId and password
  3. Enter the RUID of the student you'd like to look up
  4. Click "Search" to retrieve available absence reports

Who receives absence report email?

All individuals associated with the course assigned the grader or reader role.

If you received the absence report emails and you are not supposed to receive them (not instructor or TA of any course section), please go to REGIS (Electronic Student Grading System) to review your roles assignments and correct any misconfiguration.
If you are assigned as Grader or Reader for any course section, you will be treated as instructor or TA for those courses section and receive the absence notification.

If you did not receive the absence reports and you should receive them (as instructor or TA of a course section), please go to REGIS (Electronic Student Grading System) to review your roles assignments and make sure you have the proper roles for your course sections.
You should have been assigned as Grader or Reader for the course section you associated with. You can ask your department administrator to assign the role of Grader, for instructor, or Reader, for TA.

If you ONLY want to receive absence report emails for the section(s) that you are teaching, please verify that your are configured for ONLY those section(s) instead of being configure as "ALL" sections in the REGIS (Electronic Student Grading System).
Ex. If you are a "Grader" for Fall 2011 for course 01-220-101 section "ALL", then you will receive absence report email for "ALL" the sections.

If you also want the TA's to receive the absence report by email, please grant the TA's with a "READER" role for that course thru the REGIS (Electronic Student Grading System)

How can I prevent absence messages from overloading my inbox?

Individuals can configure filters on their email that route all SSRA messages into a dedicated folder and not their inbox. Simply set up a dedicated folder (e.g., SSRA_msgs), and configure the filter to test the subject line for the string "Notification for student absence report". If a match is found, route the message to the dedicated folder and not to the inbox.

For specific instructions on how to do this for rci, zimbra, exchange, and scarletMail, please see specific instructions on email filters.

Filtering can also be done within an email client. If you plan to filter using an email client, please consult documentation on the specific client you are using.