Electronic Student Grading System

This application is used by departments to submit student grades or change the student grade. Student Grading System activities require net id login and Student Grading System registration.

Electronic Student Grading System Options

Submit grades or change grades for the current semester and the most recent past semesters.

Rosters & Electronic Grading Information System (REGIS)

For more information about Grading a Roster or granting or revoking roster access, please refer to the Roster Quick Reference Guide.

Create grade changes using student lookup or approve pending grade changes.

Electronic Grade Change System (EGCS)

View student absence report.

Student Absence Report System

For more information about the Student Absence Reporting System, please refer to the Student Absence Reporting Help Documentation.

Regis Support

For questions, comments or suggestions about this web site please contact Camden Help Desk, Newark Help Desk, or New Brunswick/Piscataway Help Desk.

For question such as "Why can't I view my Roster", please contact your department administrator.